Details regarding CCIE collaboration exam

CCIE collaboration exam has written and practical exams. Interested person with at least 5 years of experience in the networking industry can try this certification to become network security expert. This is a high level certification that requires wide range of skills and deep level of preparation. It is not like an ordinary exam to take. Aspirants that try for CISCO certification would know the difficulty level of the exam. The CCIE collaboration written exam is for two hours but the lab exam is for 8 hours. It is important to get some idea regarding lab exams but no person would be able to attend lab exam without passing the written exam. Once the candidate passes the written exam, the candidate will be able to attend practical exam within 18 months.

Lab exam details

CCIE collaboration lab exam is to assess the ability of the candidate regarding configuring the equipment of the network and also troubleshooting the issues. After passing the CCIE collaboration written exam the person that attempt the lab exam can take the attempt at any time but once the candidate has failed the exam, he or she has to reattempt for the exams within 12 months of time. Another important fact about the exam is that if the candidate could not pass the lab exam within 3 years of time of passing the written exam the candidate has to reappear for the written exam as it is not allowed to use the written exam score after three years.  The lab exam is 8 hours exams in which the candidates are mainly expected to trouble shoot the network issues on time. Initial diagnosis and then solving the issues is the major expectation of CCIE collaboration lab exam.

Lab environment and assessment

In the lab environment the candidate is not allowed to use any reference material. Though the candidate can find CISCO CD’s in lab, the knowledge about protocols and technologies expected in the exam will be high level. The search function will be disabled and the index search can be used. The criteria will differ for each question in the lab exam and the proctors grade the lab exam as pet the criteria. The automatic tools are used by the proctors to gather the information for evaluations.