What Nokia is currently cooking up this 2017

If you hear about Nokia, you know that name is legendary. They used to be the number one brand that was the “go to” phone for everyone. They have a lot of iconic phones like the 5110, now the updated 3310, the eXpress music line, the N series that people drooled about long ago and even the Eseries.

Over the next few years after that when smartphones were “the thing” Nokia suddenly fell out of the radar by new players like Apple and Samsung, a lot of people thought that the reason their phones weren’t a hit was that they picked the wrong OS for their smart devices. But with their new devices on both Windows and Android and a new flagship, this might just be their year.

Midrange: Nokia Z2 plus: Launched in April 2017; Rs. 29,999

Budget phone: Nokia D1C: Launched March 2017; Rs. 10,000

Premium Upcoming Phone: Nokia P: Launched date: April 2017; Rs. 42,999

Nokia 8, Nokia 9 or Nokia P1 the new Nokia Android phone 2017. No launch date and price yet but it sure will be awesome and high quality. Since this will be a flagship phone the price will be a bit heavy on the pocket.

Nokia might no longer be the best device nowadays and Apple and Samsung are already the leaders and what people wait for every year. But Nokia has something up their sleeve that people will love to have again with their upcoming devices.

Carl Zeiss optics: way before Hwawei partnered with Leica Nokia had a partnership with ZEISS. Whenever you get an ad from Nokia in the part offering a new flagship with Carl Zeiss optics people would drool and would want that device right away, remember the N95?

Great Audio: For the people that remembered the eXpress music it would be a disappointment if people will get a Nokia without a good audio.

 Durable device: Nokia is known to have a very durable device, with smart devices are today, it’s hard to make an indestructible device with today’s standards but people still expect that it would be a durable device none the less.

We all know the characteristics or a Nokia Phone, Beautiful, durable, high quality, great camera and well built. With all the great looking and phones with great features around, a lot of people are speculating if Nokia still has a place in the Smartphone race. But the fact is they do, all the more now that they have devices running on Android.